Stress & Burnout
Recovery Survival Guide

Hosted by Dr. Andrea Pennington
Integrative Longevity Doctor & Acupuncturist




Discover proven methods to increase energy, clarity & motivation to RECOVER FROM STRESS & BURNOUT FAST


This free Masterclass series will empower you to:


Overcome Overwhelm & Anxiety

Recover calm confidence as you learn to reduce the harmful effects of cortisol on your brain & hormonal systems


Energize Your Brain & Body

Improve your mental focus & clarity without relying on harsh stimulants, caffeine or energy drinks


Renew  Your Motivation

Reprioritize your soul's purpose to create positive change in your life & the world

~ 4 Masterclasses ~

How does stress affect the brain, immune system and hormones? 
Why are you at risk for burnout?

In this live Masterclass Dr. Andrea explains in detail how a stressful lifestyle leads to elevated stress hormones and how they impact the brain and body. 

During the Masterclass you'll understand your personal risk factors for burnout & chronic disease.  You'll also discover how to reduce the negative effects of stress and cortisol and the easiest, safest ways to decrease your risk of burnout. 

Dr. Andrea also offers you free resources to download at the end of the Masterclass, including:

  • Guided meditations for stress relief, improved sleep and mental clarity,
  • Your own digital copy of the book "Resilience Through Yoga & Meditation"

Depression and anxiety are the epidemic of our stressed out culture.
Prescriptions for mood problems are higher than any other medication, but are they even helpful?

Having the optimal balance of hormones can help stabilize mood and increase energy for life's daily challenges. 

Dr. Andrea explains how to safely replenish the building blocks of your happy brain chemicals as well as the neurotransmitters that help you focus, concentrate and feel alert.

A discussion on hormonal optimization will inform you of what to ask your own doctor to ensure that you are protecting your body, brain and emotions.

Being in a state of anxiety, stress and overwhelm takes a toll on our ability to think clearly, to problem solve and  to access our creativity. 

Dr. Andrea will explain how stress and overwork impacts the brain, cognitive function and our risk for developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. 

You'll also learn proven techniques to beat brain fog, improve focus & memory while protecting your brain from neurodegeneration.

We are each meant to live a meaningful life of purpose & passion.

We can use our breakdowns and burnouts as opportunities to reevaluate our lifestyle. 

Dr. Andrea shares her personal story and client case studies which illustrate how we can return to a healthy path in life when we align with our values and our soul's destiny.

Your Personal Trauma Recovery & Resilience Mentor

Dr. Andrea Pennington is an integrative longevity doctor, acupuncturist and meditation teacher.

Dr. Andrea is also a 2x international TEDx speaker and bestselling author with more than 16 years experience helping people with stress-related burnout, anxiety, addiction and depression.

Today she is committed to help YOU renew your energy and reclaim your vitality.


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